sarah!! (catchmedreaming) wrote in elephantalk,

1. Name, age, location: sarah L aka rah rah*17*dirty jersey
2. Seven or more bands:beep beep, tracy and the plastics, soiled doves, the faint, blood brothers, the number 12 looks like you, hot cross, deathcab for cutie, daughters, locust, circle takes the squre, cibo matto, mars volta, neon blonde, melt banana, ima robot, freeze pop, joy electric. i like to shake things up a bit. =]
3. Five or more movies:goonies, fern gully, donnie darko, garden state, wet hot american summer, virgin suicides, dead poets society..
4. Favorite books:the perks of being a wallflower, go ask alice, 1984, on the raod again, the vampire armand, where the wild things are, the melancholy death of oyster boy
5. Tell us a few interesting sentences about yourself:i got my nickname becuase i used to run around my house naked when i was little screaming "rah rah" due to the fact i couldnt say sarah. im pretty loud and i always seem to be dancing around the house for no particular reason. my favorite color is green yet i only seem to have one green article of clothing-which i have a picture of me in that will be posted later-. i have a big family. theres 6 other kids not including myself. i might not have a place to live in a few months.
6. Do you know karate?no but sometimes after eating chinese food i run around my house pretending i do and play fighting my friends.

Four or more CLEAR face shots:
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Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
my only article of clothing that is green.. the most comfortable sweater in the universe
Image Hosted by
no make up. hahaha. scary.
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
oh yeah. im a tiger. rawr!
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