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1. Name, age, location: Clara. 14. texas.
2. Seven or more bands: nirvana. brand new. beatles. led zeppelin. tbs. the postal service. motion city soundtrack.
3. Five or more movies: the notebook. the goonies.
4. Favorite books: harry potter. define normal. star girl. the outsiders.
5. Tell us a few interesting sentences about yourself: i love doing odd things. im really into super nintendo and pokemon. and im really in love with jesus.
6. Do you know karate? no.

Four or more CLEAR face shots:
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Image hosted by
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uh you should take pictures that show both sides of your face.
and it seems like you didnt put much into your app.
but what the heck
its late and im happy so okay
im changing my vote.
fuck no, your applcation sucked. + you have a man's face & avril lavigne's hair.
yeahhh nirvanaaa!
ICK. Go away.
i agree with incoherentt.
that lip bite makes me want to kill myself.
but God i love zeppelin
rejected :(
but i still love you.