kelly lyn (sluticopter) wrote in elephantalk,
kelly lyn

1. Name, age, location: kelly, fifteen, massachusetts
2. Seven or more bands: gravy train, avenue d, bright eyes, desaparecidos, blood brothers, ladytron, park, lil jon.
3. Five or more movies: united states of leland, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, devils rejects, lion king [seriously], mrs doubtfire.
4. Favorite books: 1984
5. Tell us a few interesting sentences about yourself: i really like making people laugh, even if i cant make myself laugh. i am excellent in the art of 1337, and i'd like to think i am absolutely, positively the best person to get crunk with.
6. Do you know karate? no. D:

Four or more CLEAR face shots:
i havent been able to get ahold of a camera ever since i got my hair dyed,
so bare with me and my really shitty pictures, plz.

uhm i'm a sif.

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