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eat metal

1. Name, age, location: emily, 16, clinton township MI
2. Seven or more bands: pinback, postal service, eisley, metric, coldplay, blood brothers, jack johnson, elliott smith, pedro the lion
3. Five or more movies: garden state, charlie and the chocolate factory, eternal sunshine, life of david gale, requiem for a dream, finding neverland, white oleander, monster
4. Favorite books: the catcher in the rye, HP, franny and zooey, hairstyles of the damned, half asleep in frog pajamas or anything by tom robbins.
5. Tell us a few interesting sentences about yourself: sometimes i wish i was a more clever person. when i was ten or so my dad bought a keyboard and i tried to learn how to play. all i got out was fur elise-wow. i have a dog named Travis Montgomery and he bites a lot. when i was younger and listened to the spice girls i used to make my parents and friends call me Trixie Firecracker. i have short nails but i paint them anyway.
6. Do you know karate? i went to green belt when i was 7. but fuck that.

Four or more CLEAR face shots:
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hell to the yeah! & i want your shirt in the third picture, where did you get that?
ha i got it on a sales rack in windsor.
absolutely cutie.
i like the fourth picture
you like eisley, jack johnson & coldplay
salinger & rowling
lol trixie firecracker.
even though you like pinback and franny and zooey.
you're wearing and eighteen visions shirt, and that killed it.
agreed. no.
ps: sick cheetah makeup.
Just not feeling it.


July 8 2005, 00:33:48 UTC 11 years ago


you people claim to be individualists and amazingly creative/original but you are blah blah boring AS SHIT!AJF@@$&

come on, i mean look at yourselves.. y'all have the pseudo, "independent" appearance but somehow none of you has curly hair.. and i'm not too sure i saw any blondes either.. *ponders*

all of your bands.. are bands?... hey, what happened to individual artists.. i know some of you sluts still like the hip-hop.. where didj'all go?

all i see is beat, brain dead, wannabe bohemians :\

originality isn't hard, i swear.
i wish this wasn't anonymous. because i'm blonde.